Genshin Impact unveils phase two of their version 4.1 update

Genshin Impact unveils phase two of their version 4.1 update

In a few days, we’ll be halfway through Genshin Impact’s version 4.1 – To the Stars Shining in the Depths update. As we enter the final week of phase one, HoYoverse has just released the schedule for the second phase of events. It’s relatively lighter with a few event wishes, gameplay events, and some changes to the TCG mode.

Event Wishes

The second half of Genshin Impact’s v4.1 update features three event wishes, one of which showcases a brand-new entry to the game. Drop rates for all these characters and weapons will be increased from October 17th to November 7th.

  • Tempestuous Destiny – 5-star Wriothesley (Cryo)
  • Ballad in Goblets – Venti (Anemo)
  • Epitome Invocation – 5-star Cashflow Supervision (Catalyst) and Elegy for the End (Bow)

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Story Quest

With Wriothesley’s addition to the game, players also get access to his story chapter titled Cerberus Chapter. It is available for everyone above adventure rank 40 provided they’ve cleared Archon Quest Chapter 4: Act 4: Cataclysm’s Quickening.

Gameplay Events

The first one is The Peaks and Troughs of Life which goes live on October 23rd. Players will be able to participate in new challenges every day, each with three battle stages where Pressurized Impactors will come in handy. Completion rewards include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

It will be followed by Overflowing Mastery on the 30th, which tasks players with challenging Talent Level-Up Material Domains. After they’ve consumed Original Resin, double rewards can be attained up to three times a day.

Genius Invokation TCG

Heated Battle Mode is back with a new shift and rewards for this update. This time, character switches will be considered as Fast Actions and the turn-initiative remains with players on defeating an opponent. Fischl, Collei, and Tighnari won’t be allowed to use in this mode.

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