Genshin Impact is launching version 3.4 - The Exquisite Night Chimes soon as Teyvat prepares for the new year

Genshin Impact is launching version 3.4 - The Exquisite Night Chimes soon as Teyvat prepares for the new year
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Just as the leaks predicted, Hoyoverse will launch Genshin Impact’s version 3.4 on January 18th. Titled The Exquisite Night Chimes, this new content update will feature the annual Lantern Rite festival, competitions in Inazuma, new characters, outfits, and an expansion of the Sumeru desert.

The land of Teyvat is about to celebrate the new year and, as always, Liyue is shining like the sun thanks to the Lantern Rite festival. This year’s special performances include a Paper Theatre performance, singers coming from afar, and a folk-art show. A number of mini-games will be available, allowing players to earn rewards like four-star characters and a new outfit for Lisa.

Most leaks pointed towards a new playable area and that will soon become reality. Coming in version 3.4 is the Desert of Hadramaveth, an area northwest of Sumeru. It is a peculiar place because a massive tornado keeps spinning at its centre, causing turbulent winds to blow all over.

The storms that come with it have caused numerous secrets to resurface which the players will uncover soon. In fact, travellers will be tasked with finding the Orchard of Pairidaeza, where it is believed that King Deshret froze time to commemorate the Goddess of Flowers.

Meanwhile, the update will introduce to Genshin Impact, two new Dendro characters. The first is Alhaitham, the much-awaited 5-star sword wilder who was seen first in Sumeru’s storyline. He makes use of Chisel-Light Mirrors to deal Dendro damage. Players can find out more about him in his Story Quest which explores what happened after the Sumeru arc.

The next hero is Yaoyao, a four-star character from Liyue. She uses a polearm as her main weapon alongside a Yuegui, which allows her to deal more damage than her allies. Yaoyao is pretty silent and never scares any close-by creatures while approaching them. Both these characters will be part of the Event Wishes in the first half itself.

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