Genshin Impact's Of Drink A-Dreaming event goes live and allows players to become a bartender in Mondstadt

Genshin Impact's Of Drink A-Dreaming event goes live and allows players to become a bartender in Mondstadt
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It has only been about a week since Genshin Impact’s second wave of events for its version 2.5 update kicked off. Beginning today, March 10th is the Of Drink A-Dreaming event, that will allow players on the other side of the bar, where they’ll learn numerous recipes and create different drinks.

It is the Bartender Academy Week in Genshin Impact and Luka is searching for travellers who wish to learn the ropes of bartending. He’s also promised generous rewards for those who participate in this training. All players who have completed the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I, Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I, and are above Adventure Rank 28, can take part by talking to Luka in Mondstadt.

Of Drink A-Dreaming is divided into two phases – Tavern Tales and Bartender Challenge. Phase one takes place over the first three days of the event and will see people from all over come to Angel’s Share Tavern and order their favourite drinks. Players must interact with the customers, listen to their stories and prepare whatever they want. Each beverage will have its own recipe that is divided into foundation and flavourings. Using the recipe, travellers (now bartenders) must mix all ingredients in the right order and adjust the cup size to create the perfect drink. Completing all seven Tavern Tales will reward players with the Tavern Shaker: Grumous Oscillation Furnishing, Primogems, and Mora.

After completing the first half, the Bartender Challenge will unlock. This will see players take part in four challenges where they must create drinks for customers in a limited time. The greater the successfully created beverages, the more points players will earn. The increased difficulty brings additional rewards in the form of Hero’s Wit, special level-up material, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and more. The event will end on March 21st

Are you ready to become Teyvat’s greatest bartender? Then download Genshin Impact for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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