Genshin Impact reveals first look at upcoming Dendro user Kaveh

Genshin Impact reveals first look at upcoming Dendro user Kaveh
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Genshin Impact’s version 3.6 – A Pride of Providence introduced two new characters, Kaveh and Bahizu. As we move into the second half of this update, HoYoverse has finally given us a peek at what it brings to the game. Empyrean Reflection Kaveh is a Dendro melee character whose skills revolve around healing himself and blasting Dendro Cores.

Sumeru is filled with talented individuals, especially designers. But when architects come into question, despite the vast number of options available, Kaveh’s name always comes out on top. Kaveh graduated from the Kshahrewar institute and his skills have led to him being called the greatest architect in several decades.

Kaveh has been adorned with numerous titles, such as the Light of Kshahrewar. However, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to him. To the outside world, he’s a famous builder living a luxurious life. But no one knows the mountain of debt he’s under as Kaveh does a good job of covering it up. That is why people put so much faith in him.

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He may be hiding his truth, but everyone knows about his prowess in combat. Gameplay-wise, Kaveh uses a Claymore with which he can perform slashing and spinning attacks. His Charged Attack drains stamina over time, but ends with quite a strong slash.

Dendro Cores and Kaveh go hand-in-hand. His Elemental Skill does AoE Dendro Damage by detonating all the surrounding nuclei. On unlocking the An Architect’s Undertaking Talent, players will regain some HP based on Kaveh’s Elemental Mastery and the cores that hit him.

Furthermore, his Elemental Burst boosts a lot of attributes as Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks all deal Dendro damage for a short time. During this period, all cores created by party members will bloom and deal extra damage on bursting.

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