Genshin Impact debuts new collaboration with the Discovery Channel

Genshin Impact debuts new collaboration with the Discovery Channel
  • Genshin Impact, the hit gacha game, is teaming up with the iconic Discovery Channel
  • The collab includes a documentary, real-world benefit merch sales and more
  • It draws on the huge amount of players and connects in-game habitats to real-world nature

Hit gacha RPG Genshin Impact is debuting a new collaboration with the Discovery Channel. Yes, you read that right - no irony or sarcasm intended - Genshin Impact has teamed up with the nature and documentary programmer, Discovery Channel. The teams have worked together to produce a short documentary (found below) called "Voices of Nature" with more to follow.

There will also be offline benefit merch sales, taking place in a variety of locations, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and Seoul, with revenue donated to the rainforest organisation, Cool Earth. You'll also be able to complete an online webpage challenge - Discover Traces, Explore Nature - for exclusive in-game rewards. Oh, and did we mention that this documentary includes the voices of Kit Harrington, Ed Stafford and Lily Cole?

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This is a surprising collaboration, to say the least. When you think of games teaming up with real-world enterprises you usually think of smartphones, convenience stores, and maybe fashion brands. But, in fairness, charities are not that unusual. It's just weird, to think that of all the two groups to get together, it's Genshin Impact and the Discovery Channel.

Still, when you think about it, it makes sense. No one loves merch more than Genshin players, and the real-world benefits from tangible donations and tying in nature preservation to the exploration of a game world (characters like Beidou, Kokomi, Albedo, Tighnari, and Candace are each representing a habitat in Teyvat).

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