Genshin Impact's Divine Ingenuity quest goes live and allows players to create their own traversal challenges

Genshin Impact's Divine Ingenuity quest goes live and allows players to create their own traversal challenges
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Hoyoverse (previously miHoYo) has just launched a new event for its popular mobile RPG Genshin Impact. Called Divine Ingenuity, it is a new World Quest Event that takes place on the outskirts of Liyue. A few adventurers discovered this new domain and it seems to have some roots in Minecraft-like activities. 

Divine Ingenuity will run in Genshin Impact from March 2nd to 21st. Players must have attained a minimum of Adventure Rank 28 and should have completed the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches if they wish to take part in this event. The domain features two styles of gameplay – Preset Domains and Custom Domains.

There are five Preset Domains that must be completed. They have been created by members of the Guild and feature thrilling traversal challenges. Players must reach their destination before the timer elapses and must also collect Adventure Coins on their way. Each domain has different environments, terrains, traps, and blessing effects.

Present Domains will feature terrain like blocks, walls, slopes, round plates, and more, all of which will be laden with Adventure Coins. Active mechanisms may be both helpful and disruptive. Some will allow for quicker movement and the ability to reach high places, while others may randomly disappear or break after some time. This mode has been designed to keep adventurers on their feet at all times. Traps of different kinds are present, some may cause Elemental effects, while others reduce Life Points. Additionally, the field is also scattered with Blessings that can give boosts to various attributes like stamina, movement, and jumping.

The Custom Domains is where the real fun lies, as it allows players to create their own domains using the available terrain and trap pieces, or challenge domains created by other players. There is complete freedom on how players can make their own domain and this will lead to really interesting challenges for everyone. Custom Domains can only be unlocked after finishing the Divine Ingenuity quest. Finally, rewards for achieving all goals include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Talent Level-Up materials, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.

Test your creativity skills by downloading Genshin Impact for free on the App Store and Google Play and playing Divine Ingenuity.

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