Genshin Impact reveals first look at upcoming character Dehya

Genshin Impact reveals first look at upcoming character Dehya
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We’re less than a week away from the release of Genshin Impact’s upcoming update, version 3.5 – Windblume’s Breath. It brings back the iconic Windblume Festival in Mondstadt with new and returning characters as players dive into the secrets of the Abyss Order. One of the two new characters being introduced in this update is the Flame-Mane, Dehya.

Dehya, Genshin Impact’s latest character is one of the most popular members of the Eremites crew. The Eremites aren’t an organised bunch and the term is simply used to group together all individuals that were born in the desert who use their fighting skills as mercenaries.

The desert isn’t a safe place for the weak. Taking a bodyguard is a must, and who better than Dehya? While her services aren’t cheap by any means, she always makes it worth it thanks to her exceptional skills. She is not at all overconfident like the rest of the bunch and charges for what she provides.

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As a result of her determination and power, Dehya was given the moniker of Flame-Mane. It aptly signifies her fierceness and bravery, just like a lion who is known for its might. She has been voiced by Amber May in English and Fukuhara Ayaka in Japanese.

So, what makes Dehya such a powerful mercenary? As her nickname suggests, she is a Pyro character that uses a claymore in battle. Her Elemental Skill creates a Fiery Sanctum, that affects everyone within the field. Allies have increased resistance to interruption, while enemies receive Pyro damage.

On the other hand, her Elemental Burst unleashes the Flame-Mnae’s Fists, dealing massive waves of Pyro damage. Dehya’s Molten Inferno talent is capable of dealing additional AoE damage to opponents.

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