Gates of Ages: Eon Strife, a new strategy game from NetEase, launches early access in certain regions

Gates of Ages: Eon Strife, a new strategy game from NetEase, launches early access in certain regions

Developer and publisher NetEase Games has announced that their latest project, a strategy RPG entitled Gates of Ages: Eon Strife, is now available for early access in certain regions. With games like Onymyoji and Identity V under their belt, it’s a safe bet that Gates of Ages could be the next big hit as well.

This particular strategy title focuses a lot more on the story than usual, taking players on an adventure that will span all sorts of different regions with beautiful visual styles as you traverse through the titular Gates of Ages to uncover relics and mysteries. To assist you with this, you’ll be recruiting a massive cast of various heroes, each with their own unique skills and talents.

As you explore, you’ll be expanding your territory and achieving all sorts of wealth that will allow you to further plan out your expeditions and earn new loot as well. On top of all of this, you can also join up with other players using the Alliance function, which will reward you with bonuses such as free materials, new areas to explore, and more. This game certainly encourages you to gather up some friends and get out there alongside them.

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It’s not all exploration though, as there will also be seasonal tournaments that will see you put your party of heroes against others in friendly competition, using your units to do strategic battles and earn rewards specific to the tournament that cannot be found outside of each season.

With all of this in mind, it’s not too much of a gamble to say that Gates of Ages: Eon Strife could easily be the next big strategy title on mobile. If you’re located in the Philippines, you can get a headstart and download the early access client for free on the game’s official website. For those of us outside of that region, we’ll just have to stay tuned for more updates and news on any localization efforts.

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