Free Fire's latest campaign is called New Age and will feature a brand new map

Free Fire's latest campaign is called New Age and will feature a brand new map

A storm is coming to Free Fire and it is going to change everything. Garena is releasing a new campaign for its battle royale called New Age, which will begin with a blizzard that will change the world of Free Fire.

The climate goes haywire on December 17th, and players can enjoy a brand new map thanks to it. Called Alpine, this new terrain promises to freeze everything on it and cause utter chaos. There is a desperate need for warmth and Wolfrahh, Misha, and Mr. Waggor are trying to create that warmth by delivering an energy core. However, these were stolen by villains and now the entire island is stuck in what seems like an eternal frost. Explore these uncharted lands, fight enemies and relocate those the energy core.

The New Age campaign is also set to feature multiple new activities for players to enjoy. A survival-like mode is being added to the game where players will have to manage their resources, build basecamps, and protect the innocent citizens of Alpine. Complete this event to win exclusive themed rewards and other items.

December 20th will see the addition of a new ranked system for the Lone Wolf mode. The Iron Cage has been made bigger to make the return of 2v2 and 1v1 battles even more fun. These changes aim to level the playing field and also increase the competition between Survivors. While preparing to be the last person standing, players can also engage in harmless snowball fights with each other on the spawn island.

With Christmas just around the corner, Free Fire is also adding seasonal items that include new skins, bundles and pet. Lots of more additions are coming to Free Fire and Garena will keep releasing them slowly for all users.

Brace yourselves for a cold winter in the world of Free Fire. Enjoy the new campaign by downloading the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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