Free Fire's new Elite Pass ventures into the Quantic Unknown, inspired by edgy streetwear and scorpions

This Elite Pass is tailor-made for arachnid lovers

Free Fire's new Elite Pass ventures into the Quantic Unknown, inspired by edgy streetwear and scorpions

Stuff just got dark in Free Fire. Garena has launched a new Elite Pass for the game, which will see Survivors venture into a dark and dangerous place, filled with sinister energy call the Quantic Unknown. It even sounds scary! And if this wasn’t enough, then players will also have to face the venom of a freaking scorpion! Why?!

The fear-inducing Quantic Unknown takes inspiration from the very current and trendy streetwear and is fully purple and black in colour. Garena has tried to instil the current streetwear’s uniqueness and trendiness into Free Fire by modelling the textures, hairstyles like dreadlocks and highlight dyes, and everything in the Elite Pass around this concept. Everything players see will be aimed at highlighting the visual perception of streetwear.

There are two Elite Pass bundles that Survivors can get their hands, or should I say claws, on. The male bundle is the Venomous Skorpios and the female bundle, the Valiant Skorpina. Other rewards from the bundles include the Malevolent Sting backpack and grenade skins, Razor Blade and Razor Fangs skyboard skins, and Quantic Unknown jeep and weapon skins.

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Another addition to the Elite Pass is two in-game avatars and banners. For those who plan on pre-ordering the Elite Pass, you will receive the Malevolent Sting in-game box skin as a pre-order reward.

It’s safe to say that no one really has tried to infuse an edgy concept like this into a game and it looks like Free Fire is going to do a good job at it. The Elite Pass’s entirely purple and black scheme really accentuates their goal of imitating streetwear and enhances the darkness of the Quantic Unknown. To further the effect, expect to see scorpion details, diamond and triangle shapes, and metallic textures throughout the Elite Pass to increase players’ aggressiveness and feeling of danger while playing.

Download Free Fire for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and enter the Quantic Unknown!

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