Everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire's 3volution celebration, Time Tunnel interface, Bermuda Remastered zones, and more

Peak day begins August 22nd

Everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire's 3volution celebration, Time Tunnel interface, Bermuda Remastered zones, and more
| Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a major 3volution event that aims to showcase how the game has evolved over the years through an interesting Time Tunnel interface.

As is often the case with new Free Fire content drops, there's a fair bit to get stuck into here. And so I've split everything into neat subheadings for your reading pleasure.

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What is the Time Tunnel interface?

The Time Tunnel interface is a neat new addition to Free Fire that allows you to claim rewards and hit milestones using Time Tokens. These can be amassed by hopping into exploration missions that highlight key parts of the ongoing Free Fire storyline and feature plenty of the game's most popular characters.

Exploration missions are also a good way to earn character fragments for the likes of Hayato and others. If you're a fan of the in-game time capsule, it's easy to exchange your Time Tokens for Blue Chip Tokens. These can then be used to spin the capsule and potentially earn event-exclusive prizes.

Many of the rewards on offer come from Free Fire's five biggest events from the past year, meaning you can expect to see returning favourites such as the Maniac Sidekick backpack skin, Rapper Throttle motorbike skin, and more.

Bermuda Remastered gets four new playable zones

I'm sure many will already know that the Bermuda Remastered map has slowly expanded this last month for Clash Squad battles. It started on August 13th when players were treated to two new playable areas: Aden's Creek and Academy.

On August 19th, it grew once again with the arrival of the Nurek Dam zone. That said, this area is currently only available to those who reach the 2nd-anniversary node in the Time Tunnel milestone.

On August 22nd, the map is set to expand even further with a fourth and final new zone: Samurai's Garden. As you've perhaps guessed, the extra area will only be accessible to those who've reached the 3rd-anniversary node.

Peak day rewards include Hayato "Firebrand" and more

Peak day this time around is set for August 22nd. This is when you'll be able to net yourself Hayato "Firebrand", an enhanced version of Hayato, for free. The awakened Hayato boasts the Art of Blades ability, which reduces all frontal damage by a sizeable amount for 6 seconds. However, firing your weapon will interrupt the ability, so it's more of a defensive buff than something you can use to overpower your enemies.

Peak day will also serve up some fun in-game modes, including Big-Head, Cold Steel, Rampage, Nighthunter, and Explosive Jump. The Cube Fragment Aftermatch Drop and a Friend Callback event are also scheduled for the 22nd.

Garena Free Fire is definitely one to try out if you're a battle royale fan. You'll find it up for download now as a free-to-play game over on Google Play and the App Store.

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