Qualcomm’s Android gaming app GameCommand launching in North America on Jan 10th

Command and conquer?

Qualcomm’s Android gaming app GameCommand launching in North America on Jan 10th
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Qualcomm is set to launch its own rival to Nvidia’s TegraZone next week in an effort to woo gamers away from Tegra and towards Snapdragon-powered handsets.

The new app, called GameCommand, will launch on the Android Market and is set up to provide gamers with an easier way of finding the latest graphically-rich titles optimised - or exclusive to - Snapdragon phones.


The app will have over 100 games optimised for the company’s graphics chip at launch, and three exclusives to help get people on board with the new service.

These exclusives include Fight Game Heroes from Khaeon Gamstudio - a new title in the fighting series that features UFC fighter Alistair “The Reem” Overeem (pardon?) and others engaging in head-to-head battles.

Also confirmed as an exclusive is Southend Interactive’s eye-catching Desert Winds, which we previously went hands-on with back at E3 last year.

The game is a hack and slasher of the Infinity Blade mould, with gigantic creatures o’ doom standing between your fair lady and her prize.

Finally Qualcomm has announced that Bunny Maze 3D will also be an exclusive. It features a bunny trying to find his stolen carrots, presumably in a maze, and quite possibly is in 3D.

We’re not too excited about that last one, to be honest.

GameCommand will launch on January the 10th on the Android Market, but will initially only be open to those in North America.

Other territories will follow later in the year.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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