Game Room for Vision Pro and iPhone gets new game, Flip it

Game Room for Vision Pro and iPhone gets new game, Flip it
  • Game Room is one of the first games to take advantage of the Vision Pro's flagship features
  • The first major update doesn't make any huge changes, but does add a new game
  • Game Room also features cross-play between iPhone and iPad

Game Room, the AR multiplayer board game simulator built for the Apple Vision Pro, is set to receive its first major update. This update will add a new game in the form of "Flip it", where players are challenged flip their opponent's discs to their own colours to dominate the board. However, those hoping to see major changes in this current update, may be disappointed to not see anything else currently on the cards.

Game Room is a board-game simulator built for the Apple Vision Pro and offers crossplay between that device, as well as both iPhone and iPad. It offers a variety of classic tabletop games, like Chess and Solitaire, for friends to play against one another; taking advantage of the Vision Pro's spatial AR features to project games onto nearby surfaces.

Too few games?
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It's good to see Game Room getting its first major update, but is it too little? Just one new game being added after launch is not exactly eye-catching. Although we've seen no complaints about how Game Room plays, developer Resolution Games might be trickling out content a little too slowly for some players' tastes with only one new game in this first major update. Hopefully, we'll see the addition of more games - that could better utilise the unique spatial AR that the Vision Pro boasts - soon.

With other games like Honkai: Star Rail set to receive Vision Pro compatibility, it may be that playing regular board games is going to face stiff competition. Not least from regular mobile games as well. You can check out just how stacked 2024 is looking to be already with our list of the best mobile games of the year (so far). Not only that, but with hit roguelike deck-builder Balatro also set to receive an iOS port, Game Room is sure to receive further competition.

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Iwan Morris
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