iPhone beat 'em up Funky Punch debuts on App Store

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iPhone beat 'em up Funky Punch debuts on App Store

One of the most problematic genres for iPhone is beat-'em-ups. Or so you'd think, anyway. Can a touchscreen and/or accelerometer really deliver the controls needed to make a good fighting game?

Funky Punch is a new title hoping to prove they can. It's gone live on the App Store today, and offers colourful 3D kicking, punching, jumping and running.

The game features 12 characters, with eight of them being 'core' fighters and four being 'emoticon' fighters. There are five locations to fight in, and five different soundtracks - all of which are "funky" according to the blurb.

The game offers several modes of play, including Quest, Survival, Trial, Emotimania and a tutorial to teach you how it all works - including the intriguing-sounding dance moves to power up your fighter during matches.

Funky Punch is certainly eye-catching in its visuals, so we're looking forward to seeing how it plays. Click here to go straight to its App Store product page: the game costs £4.99.