Friday Freebie: Wikipedia app: free. Dropship: free. England walloping the Aussies at cricket: priceless

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Friday Freebie: Wikipedia app: free. Dropship: free. England walloping the Aussies at cricket: priceless
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This week, Fraser’s been at the GamesCom in Cologne, sweating in an exhibition hall by day and drinking German beer by night. It tired him out, for which reason I’m doing the Friday Freebie while he sleeps.


This week, ngmoco made Dropship free. That’s a freebie. Quite a good one, too: it’s like Lunar Lander dressed up as Geometry Wars. It’s not quite clear why ngmoco decided to release it for free. Possibly to get it back into the top 50 (a practice we refer to as peggling), or possibly just to generate goodwill.

Anyway, that’s free. What else?

I’ll spare you a ‘best of’. I’ll just tell you about a couple of free things I downloaded onto my iPod touch this week. The first was the new Wikipedia app, which was a long time coming, but is very welcome now that it has. When you open it up it shows you a Featured Article, today’s being on the subject of zinc. Beneath that, a rundown of the latest news. Unfortunately, it seems to load pages quite slowly.

I also downloaded Readdle's Shakespeare, which contains the complete works of Shakespeare. Pretty self-explanatory, but still excellent. It costs nothing and it contains everything the bard ever wrote. Perhaps you can use it to cheat at exams. That advice is also a freebie.

Finally, I downloaded an app called Local Concerts, by iLike. It tells you about all the gigs that are happening in your area. I’ve just had a look. Fleet Foxes are playing in Dorset. Jackpot.

Of course, if you want some free entertainment you can always download the Pocket Gamer iPhone app. It has many of the features of the site you’re reading now, and it’s optimised for iPhone.

Then there’s the usual stuff. Our podcast - that’s pretty good if you like that kind of thing. And there’s the Trawler Report, our weekly roundup of free and Lite games on the App Store, and of course our many features on the subject of free iPhone games. Most recently, Spanner’s been knocking out parts one, two and three of a series.

That’s your lot. Fraser’s back next week.