Friday Freebie: A Half Minute Hero demo, some Little Big Planet goodies...

...a DS Demo (gasp) and free iPhone games aplenty

Friday Freebie: A Half Minute Hero demo, some Little Big Planet goodies...
iPhone + Android + DS ...
| Friday Freebie

Ok, folks some instructions for you to follow. Go get a crowbar. Make sure you’ve got some solid footing. Now, prise open that impossibly tight fist. Done that? Right, turn your palm face up and get ready, because we’ve got freebies and we’re almost certain you’re in need.

So, first off, the PSP.

Careering carelessly into the PSP Store all at once this week, there’s loads of new content to get through. There’s a new demo of quirky Japanese effort, Half Minute Hero from Rising Star Games. Featuring some knowing retro visuals and a classic good versus evil story, Half Minute Hero is a stylish looking slice of JRPG action and well worth a look.

For Little Big Planet fans, there’s two new free costume packs in Garden and Savannah themed flavours. Obviously, you need to have a copy of the full game (which you can download in digital form from the PSP Store), to use the costume packs, but if you already own that, consider these free.

On DS, there’s been reports floating around of a new Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth demo arriving on the Nintendo Channel (via a Wii), though there’s a chance that by the time you read this, Nintendo will have removed it - shame.

On iPhone, we have news of developer Origin8, which plans to conduct a series of weekend giveaways, making their various titles (AirBear, Sentinel: Mars Defense, Car Mania and Space Station Frontier) freely available in turn over the next few weeks. It will kick off on the 19th February when Sentinel goes free. More details can be gleefully harvested from Origin8’s site.

And of course, if iPhone gaming’s your thing, you can also grab the free iPhone gaming podcast, or leaf through the free iPhone gaming Trawler Report.

The excellent FreeAppADay.com is still giving away a free iPhone app every day too.

That’s it for this week’s bountiful haul. Click ‘Track It!’ to be sure to catch something similarly substantial (hopefully), the same time, next week.