Freddie Flintoff battles back onto mobiles

A chance to get in a few pre-emptive strokes at the Aussies

Freddie Flintoff battles back onto mobiles

With the first Ashes test match only five weeks away and Flintoff, Pietersen and company already packing their bags to fly to warmer climes, the nation is poised to go cricket crazy once again. At least until we lose.

To celebrate this spirit of euphoria (before it turns sour), Player One Sports is releasing Freddie Flintoff All Round Cricket.

Following on from last year's rhythm-based slog-em-up Blast 'em Cricket, the new game includes both batting and bowling challenges.

And in keeping with Freddie's role as down-to-earth People's Champion, the action is taken away from the Oval and onto a series of five grassroot stages around the world, from Indian streets to West Indian beaches.

In each case Freddie must go one-on-one against the world's top all-rounders in a quest for the highest honours (wot, BBC Sporting Personality of the Year?). And if beating your phone isn't enough, you'll also be able to challenge mates (and Aussie bar staff) over Bluetooth.

Although the gameplay promises to be slightly truer to cricket than Freddie's previous outing, it'll still be more about simple controls and arcade fun than accurate simulation, with power-ups, bonus runs, unplayable deliveries and huge boundary swipes intermixed with the more usual action.

Freddie Flintoff All Round Cricket is due to run out on Vodafone and Orange at the end of this month, then slip onto Three in mid-November. (O2 and T-Mobile's position in the order is still to be confirmed.)

Suffice to say we'll be bouncing a review your way in the near future; click 'Track It!' it if you want to catch it.