Frantic Fall is a cute love story featuring an orb and a cup, launching soon on iOS

Frantic Fall is a cute love story featuring an orb and a cup, launching soon on iOS
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Frantic Fall is a hilariously cute love story that is coming soon to the App Store. Unfortunately, a crazy orb and a lonely cup have been separated from each other. Standing in the way of their love are some crazy obstacles. Do you have what it takes to bring the cute orb and cup together to fulfil their love? They need someone to complete their love story and are leaving their fate in your hands.

The game has been created by Vikas Powar and his buddies, whose previous works include fun, puzzle solving indie games like A Thief's Journey, SwipeTrix, Donut Delivery and Balance Stuff. Frantic Fall sticks to the same genre and is a physics-based puzzler, where planning is crucial, but watching yourself fail is super funny.

Fulfilment of this crazy love story requires just one objective to be fulfilled – rotate the world to land the orb in the cup. Sounds easy. All you have to do is avoid obstacles and keep rotating the environment in different directions to ensure that the orb falls right into the cup. Do that, and you’ve just united two lovers!

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The catch is that the task only sounds easy, the same can’t be said about achieving it. Frantic Fall features hundreds of unique levels, all with their own distinct obstacles to face and overcome. Levels will also keep getting harder and add more elements to make gameplay even more challenging. To help you, there is no time limit. Meaning, you can spend as long as you want on a stage to ensure that you complete it without messing up. Progressing will also unlock new characters and challenges.

Add to that some really adorable-looking art and you have a fun game ready for you. Frantic Fall will also have Game Centre support, compatibility with all iOS devices, and zero intrusive ads. The game launches on the App Store soon but can be pre-ordered now. Frantic Fall will be available for a premium of $1.99 USD.

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