Fortnite Season X brings back Dusty Depot and a brand new mech

Fortnite Season X brings back Dusty Depot and a brand new mech

After the explosive ending of season 9, which culminated in an event that saw a huge robot facing off with a kaiju-like being, Fortnite has hit its tenth season. To celebrate it looks like we'll be revisiting old locations from its two-year history, as well as getting some new toys to play with.

The battle between the two behemoths left behind a ball of energy known as the Zero Point. This is where the time travel comes into it, as it explodes, bringing about the return of Dusty Depot. Dusty Depot might sound familiar to some of you, that's because it was a regular feature in the game right up until its destruction by meteor strike in season 4. That meteor now hovers just above it in stasis, and is now explorable.

Epic has said that other old locales will be coming back but not exactly how you remember them. A few of these places are teased in the story trailer below. The return of old areas is linked to 'Rift Zones' scattered across the map. You can expect these to constantly change throughout the season to keep the map feeling fresh.

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Alongside the ever-shifting map, players will also be able to pilot a new mech called the B.R.U.T.E. This hulking piece of machinery is designed with duos in mind, with one player handling the movement whilst their teammate takes charge of the weapons. If you fancy the challenge then they can also be piloted solo, but you'll have to swap between navigation and firepower.

The weapons on the mech include a shotgun for close quarters and missiles for longer range skirmishes. Interestingly, the B.R.U.T.E also makes use of materials, consuming 200 of any type to provide an Overshield for 5 seconds. It certainly sounds pretty devastating.

There will also be the option to gift other players the Battle Pass until August 15th, so if you want to entice your friends to squad up with you, Epic have provided us with a way to do that. Fortnite is available on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

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