Become the mighty Titan, Thanos, in Fortnite's limited-time mashup

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Become the mighty Titan, Thanos, in Fortnite's limited-time mashup

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War you'll know roughly what's going on with this mashup. The almighty Titan Thanos is on a rampage and only you can stop him.

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Of course, it wouldn't quite have the Fortnite flair if that was the end of it. Once Thanos is defeated, he drops his Gauntlet and you're free to take his place. The last fighter standing, wins.
When playing in the new mode, a meteor carrying the Gauntlet hits somewhere in the map. The player who grabs it becomes Thanos and gets to play around with his cool abilities as other players attempt to take you out. These are:
  • A might punch which knocks back and destroys structures
  • A flying attack which knocks back and damages
  • A damage-dealing blast from your gauntlet
  • A super jump which helps you escape tricky situations

Thanos also has a few more features to take note of, including:

  • A regenerating shield
  • No fall damage taken
  • No ability to use weapons, traps, launch pads, or any puny mortal device

If Thanos' Gauntlet has been out of players' hands for too long, it'll be snapped up and sent down on another meteor somewhere else. Bear in mind that the Storm will already be closing in once the game starts and it'll do more damage than the normal sorts.

Check out the full patch notes here. Otherwise, get updating your games and enjoy the mode while it's here.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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