Fortnite's July 2022 Crew Pack features the Phaedra skin

Fortnite's July 2022 Crew Pack features the Phaedra skin

With June almost over, it’s time to prepare for another crew pack in Fortnite, the battle royale’s subscription service full of goodies. Joining the roster of over 1200 skins is a lady in all black, the shadowy and powerful Phaedra. She arrives alongside cosmetic items that are a part of her set that will form Fortnite’s July 2022 Crew Pack titled Phaedra Unfazed.

Fortnite’s Phaedra Unfazed Crew Pack includes the Phaedra skin who definitely seems to prefer the dark and isn’t a fan of the light. It is pretty apparent because she wears a big, sun-blocking hat and on top of that, makes use of the Stygian Parasol Pickaxe, which is an umbrella, for extra protection. If that wasn’t already enough, her glider, the Gothic Shadesoarer is another umbrella that she uses to soar into the Island.

She takes being goth to a whole other level. Her trusty friend, an octopus travels with her in the form of the Ceph Back Bling. Additionally, Phaedra also comes with her own alt style called Shrouded, which, you guessed it, provides another layer of protection from the sun. I’m starting to think she’s a vampire.

Crew Pack owner benefits don’t stop there, though. Subscribers will receive 1,000 Vbucks to purchase cosmetics each month depending on their billing date, alongside access to Chapter 3 Season 3’s battle pass, which includes skins like Sabina, Adira, Malik, Snap, Stormfarer, and the iconic Star Wars villain – Darth Vader. Players will have a chance to earn all these skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes, back bling, and more via the battle pass.

Last month’s Crew Pack featuring the Mecha Strike Commander set will be available until June 30th and features the Mecha Strike Commander outfit, pickaxe, back bling, emote, loading screen, and more. Grab it before time runs out! Fortnite’s Crew Pack can be subscribed for $11.99 a month.

Download Fortnite now via the official website for Android or use XCloud to play on iOS.

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