Ford Street Racing: LA Duel gets hotwirelessed for PSP

It's a racing Fiesta, but will it fit the PSP to a 'T' – oh, do Focus!

Ford Street Racing: LA Duel gets hotwirelessed for PSP

On the face of it, Ford isn't the sexiest of automotive brands. Creator of the industrial production line, it gave the world some of the most affordable, most practical but undeniably most boring cars in the form of the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo.

Fortunately, new racing sim Ford Street Racing: LA Duel isn't limited to doing donuts around a Walmart in a souped up Mundano. Although the 24 accurately modelled vehicles on offer (six of which are exclusive to the PSP version) do include both the Focus and Fiesta, there's also some rather juicier marques to explore like the GT, Mustang and Thunderbird, as well as some genuine classics in the shape of Capri, Cosworth and Cobra.

There are bonus tracks too, and PSP boy racers can also enjoy wi-fi multiplayer match-ups and several new game modes that we're told have not previously been available to drivers on console. The press release suggests a mighty 17 different race modes are on offer for single or multiplayer, of which the team racing option sounds particularly interesting, enabling you to race a team of two cars, issuing orders and switching between them to gain positional and tactical advantage.

There's also seven new tracks to enjoy: you can catch glimpses of the sights at Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Parkway and Downtown LA as you speed past.

Indeed, we'd like to imagine that Xplosiv general manager James Spice was mooning at celebrities on Sunset when he sped past yelling, "Ford Street Racing: LA Duel on PSP is where it belongs, on the move and on the streets. With wi-fi multiplayer and even more performance Ford cars to choose from, this is the ultimate Ford Street Racing experience".

The game is set for release at the end of October, but we're sure to have parked our review before then. Stay tuned or use our 'Track It!' button to receive updates.

In the meantime, the more petrolheaded amongst you can savour the vehicular line up (complete with original production dates).

Those vehicles in full...

· 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
· 1968 Mustang GT
· 1969 Mustang Boss 302
· 1970 Capri Mk I RS2600
· 1970 Mustang Boss 429
· 1971 Mustang Mach 1 – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
· 1973 Escort RS2000
· 1975 Gran Torino Sport
· 1985 RS200
· 1987 Sierra RS500
· 1992 Escort RS Cosworth
· 1995 GT90 Concept
· 2000 SVT Cobra R
· 2002 Focus RS
· 2004 Bronco Concept – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
· 2004 Fiesta ST
· 2004 Mustang GT-R Concept
· 2004 SVT Lightning
· 2005 Ford GT
· 2005 Mustang GT
· 2005 Shelby GR-1 Concept – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
· 2005 SVT Sport Trac Adrenalin Concept – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
· 2005 Thunderbird – EXCLUSIVE to PSP
  • 2007 Shelby GT500
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