Football Manager is set to enter a four-year partnership with the Premier League

Will debut official kits, teams and more in-game

Football Manager is set to enter a four-year partnership with the Premier League
  • Football Manager is set to sign a partnership with the Premier League
  • The partnership ensures that the two will have a four-year run with 20 new clubs joining the game
  • You can expect official kits, logos and more starting with the 2024/25 season

Top football simulation franchise Football Manager has made a major announcement today, as they signed a deal with the English Premier League football organisation for four years.

This deal will bring official clubs, kits and players to Football Manager. Beginning with the 2024/25 season, all twenty of the current Premier League clubs will be available to manage, alongside many top-name players.

The news is big for a number of reasons. Although Football Manager has never been slim on real-life teams, players and other additional furnishings to make it worthy of the title of one of the best football management games out there, this new partnership will add a whole other level of realism.

You can check out the trailer for this new partnership below!

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Sticky situation?

Of course, it's not all sunshine and roses, Man City, one of the top clubs in the Premier League, recently launched a high-profile lawsuit against the league itself. While we can't expect them to suddenly be excluded from a deal like this, it does indicate just how sticky the wide world of football is. To say nothing of the old Super League debacle a few years ago.

Still, for dedicated football followers and management fans, this is massive news. 20 new clubs and dozens of new players to choose from? It really does seem like this is the most beautiful the game has ever been, especially for sports sim fans. Here's hoping we'll get it all in the next mobile version of Football Manager to hit storefronts!

You can check out all the juicy details on the official Sega blog to find out more.

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