Football Field Kick: Tips to help you unleash your leg power

Football Field Kick: Tips to help you unleash your leg power

Aim, launch, and customize.

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Football Field Kick is exactly the type of game that you think it is. It's all about the art of American Football style kicking. The only thing major change here is that you aren't necessarily trying to knock down the most field goals, although a goal post is present. 

Your job is to kick the ball as far as humanly possible. And when we say far, we're talking really far - to the point where it's hilarious and that's what makes it fun. If you're someone who is a fan of special teams in the NFL, you may get a kick (pun totally intended) out of this game. 

The controls are as easy as can be. All you need to do is tap. So, there are no gameplay tips needed here. Instead, we'll give you some small hints and just things to jot down in your mental notebook. Follow these things, and it'll make your Football Field Kick experience more enjoyable. 

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Get the goodies

It's always best to aim as straight as possible because remember that this game is all about distance. Get your aim arrow in the middle of the Dial Plate for a perfect kick. This will promptly send your ball exploding and soaring through the sky. 

However, as your ball lands, you'll notice there are several items scattered all over the place. From coins to little power-ups and everything else in between. Definitely try to kick straight, but if you do go slightly wayward, then it may not be such a bad thing because where the items are usually laying. 

Also, another thing to remember is that, even when your kicks are straight, they may bounce in the directions where some of the items are. So you kind of can't lose either way. But just take note that "bad shots" may sometimes be "good shots". Just don't do it on purpose. 

Play with new characters

Football Field Kick is more than just a quick-play game. You will be rewarded for your efforts, and this includes new characters. There are several unique kickers to unlock and yes, that includes a couple of mascots too. So you have a reason to keep playing, coming back for more.

In order to get characters, you need to complete missions. You should be able to get some right away and get close to unlocking your first character or two. It will take a while to earn some of the later kickers because some of them require around 100 or more completed missions.

With that said, you can get some fun, silly players early on to give you a variety to choose from. They don't have an impact on performance, it's just nice to switch things up. Just make sure to claim your missions when you complete them, then you'll unlock new players. Oh, and you'll get coins for doing them also.

Upgrade your kicker

This is mostly just a simple reminder, but it can be overlooked sometimes. When you're playing a game that's as simplified and quick-paced as Football Field Kick, you may forget to do one of the most obviously important things; upgrading your kicker.

There are three attributes that you can upgrade. These include kicking power, ball speed, and bounciness. Kicking power will determine how far you can boom the football. In this game, you can knock the ball to incredible distances and this attribute is a huge reason for it.

Ball speed determines how quickly the ball moves in the air, on the ground, etc. This is also a good way to gain some extra distance on your shots. And bounciness shows you how much your ball will bounce after it lands on the ground. This is as critical as anything because much of the distance you gain will be after the ball lands.

Change up your ball

This is another small tip about style. You can unlock new footballs by leveling up your player. So it's easier to unlock the balls than it is to get characters. Just continue powering up and you will be rewarded. 

You have several different colors and a ton of funny items that can be kicked. From baseballs to basketballs to even cheeseburgers, pineapples, and snowmen. The game is already pretty silly as it is, and now it's even funnier with these ball options. 

So in short, just keep kicking. No need to worry about completing certain tasks. Keep achieving high scores and you'll be leveling up fast. Then you can start collecting some cools balls. 



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