3DVU launches Flyder 3D location-based game

And they're working on a flight simulator too

3DVU launches Flyder 3D location-based game
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Flyder isn't, as such, a mobile game by the strictest definition of the term. After all, there don't appear to be any enemies to fight, tasks to complete, or a storyline to follow.

Instead, it presents a 3D photorealistic map of the UK (or US, if you buy that version), and lets you fly over it. In other words, it's less of a game, and more of a Google-Earth-on-Mobile type application.

3DVU is describing it as a '3D Picture Location Based Game' though, so maybe there are some hidden aliens to blast (insert your own 'Yes! They're lizards disguised as humans living in the White House!' joke here).

You can fly over tourist landmarks, cities and national parks, tagging your favourite locations for later reference.

It's certainly intriguing, although we're more interested in 3DVU's claim that it's working on a "mobile flight simulator" that's due out in the next few months. That's one genre we didn't expect to see going mobile anytime soon...

Anyway, you can find more out about Flyder, and watch a video, by clicking here.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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