QWOP meets Divekick in Gree's upcoming Flop Fu

No points for form

QWOP meets Divekick in Gree's upcoming Flop Fu
| Flop Fu

Gree's not a company known for making light-hearted fighting games, but that's going to change soon when it drops Flop Fu on Google Play this March.

A product of Gree's experimental design team, G-Labs, Flop Fu is equal parts QWOP and Divekick.

It's a 2D fighter in the strictest sense, but you only have two buttons to worry about - one for 'Flop', the other for 'Flail'. Each character's legs are mapped out to these two buttons, but it's not entirely clear how they'll react when you start tapping them.

Get up, get up, and get down

Flop Fu isn't a game for those who like their fighters to be in super-cool, dramatic fighting stances like you'd see in Soulcalibur.

Instead, it's a game for those who appreciate humour over memorizing opponent-annihilating combos.

Players can choose to fight as everything from an astronaut to a luchador, and they'll also be able to match their 'skills' against other fellow Google Play users in real-time multiplayer matches.

We don't know exactly when Flop Fu will flounder onto Google Play, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.