Online multiplayer coming to Flight Control on iPhone

And other Firemint tidbits

Online multiplayer coming to Flight Control on iPhone
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In a message to the community, Firemint founder Rob Murray has revealed a few new morsels of information on his studio’s upcoming games and updates.

The online multiplayer mode for Flight Control HD (which was the company’s 30th app update, by the way) is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch version too. So if you’ve got Game Center, but your buddies aren’t sat next to you, you can still crash expensive airliners into each other.

Real Racing is also getting some updates. Four player Game Center multiplayer is coming to both versions of the game, and you’ll be able to restore unlocked content if your progress doesn’t match the data synced up to Firemint’s Cloudcell service. That will be expanded to complete save games in Real Racing 2.

Speaking of Real Racing 2, the studio says it's been working on the game for “a very long time”, but licensing with the real world autos is stopping the developer from releasing too many screenshots or videos. An iPad version will be coming, but it’ll be some ways after the iPhone and iPod touch edition, which is due before Christmas.

And finally, the company wants you to know that it's always working on new games and ideas, but few get past prototyping stage thanks to the studio’s stringent quality control. If something’s not fun or working quite right, the team will happily bin and start from scratch.

For now, you’ll have to make do with Flight Control and Real Racing.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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