Flight Control preparing to touch down on Android

Runways away

Flight Control preparing to touch down on Android
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Firemint's aircraft management game has already come to most mobile and portably devices - everything from iOS, to Windows Phone 7, DSiWare and Java.

And, to be honest, until publisher Namco reminded us it was about to publish Flight Control on Android - it has the non iOS mobile rights - I thought the game was already out on the platform.

Roger, roger

Seems not however, and although Namco is yet to confirm release date or price, it has let us know the game will ship with ten types of aircraft and four different airfields.

//Namco has since confirmed a $5 price point, and that the game will work for all Android phones running OS 1.6 and better

This compares to ten aircraft types and five airfields on the iPhone version and eight maps on the iPad version.

We expect the game to be out soon, but will let you know the exact date when Namco gets back to us.