Real Racing 2 to feature official licensed vehicles

Firemint rolls first two cars out of the garage

Real Racing 2 to feature official licensed vehicles
| Real Racing 2

Licensed vehicles are the first of many new features planned for Real Racing 2, the highly anticipated racer from acclaimed developer Firemint.

The announcement revealed two licensed cars to be playable in the game: 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe Race Car and 2010 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, both depicted in the artwork to the right.

Firemint has not detailed the total number of vehicles that will be available in the final game, only that they will be officially licensed from a range of manufacturers.

This marks a major improvement from the generic rides of the original Real Racing. What remains unknown, however, is whether use of licensed vehicles will put a stop to damage modelling.

It also symbolises Firemint's meteoric rise to the status of top-tier developer, which has given the studio leverage to negotiate with car manufacturers.

Real Racing 2 presumably will be available for iPhone and iPod touch sometime in 2011; official devices and release date have yet to be confirmed.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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