PikPok goes '70s with Flick Kick Football on iPhone

The beautiful game, with sideburns

PikPok goes '70s with Flick Kick Football on iPhone

Forget about football's upcoming Earth Trophy, taking place in the least northerly part of Africa, and all the other things we can't say for legal reasons. The real football fun was back in the '70s with mullets and sideburns and no copyright issues.

From PikPok, creator of Bird Strike, comes the latest in its series of Flick Kick games. These are football flavoured time wasters that have you booting balls over American footy poles (Flick Kick Field Goal), Rugby posts (Rugby) and upside down poles (Aussie Rules).

The latest game, Flick Kick Football, has you bending the ball around a wall of disgruntled British footie players, hoping to land it in the goal. You use your pinkie to swipe the ball, driving, curving, and bending it past the defenders.

It comes with a variety of modes, including Practice, Sudden Death, and Time Attack. It'll also use OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards.

Flick Kick Football will score on iPhone and iPod touch "in the coming weeks". Make sure you check out the screenshots in the gallery above, and marvel at the game's retro aesthetic.