iPhone casual time-sink Flick Kick football updated with multiplayer modes


iPhone casual time-sink Flick Kick football updated with multiplayer modes
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It’s been such a hectic week for new releases on the App Store that it’s been tough staying on top of all the festive updates and special unlockable Santas for existing games.

Thankfully, neither of these feature in the latest update for PikPok’s excellent Flick Kick Football, which has recently received two new multiplayer modes to help feed the addiction.

Flick Kick Football is a game in which you simply flick your finger up the screen of your iPhone to strike a football past cardboard cut-outs of '70s-like footballers and into a goal. It’s surprisingly hard to put down due to the excellent controls and high-score driven gameplay, supported by both OpenFeint and Game Center.

The multiplayer modes come in two flavours – on one handset and online. The general rules remain untouched, so anyone hoping to play the goalkeeper or lamb-chop defender is out of luck.

If, however, you think you can perform that 600-point round day-in-day-out against the pressure of another human opponent, then these modes should be right up your street.

Flick Kick Football is available now as a Universal app on the App Store for 59p / 99c / €0.79.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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