*Sigh* - Flappy Bird will be back and 'better', Dong Nguyen says

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*Sigh* - Flappy Bird will be back and 'better', Dong Nguyen says
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Just when you thought you were out, they drag you back in.

Vietnamese indie dev Dong Nguyen says his monumental timewaster, and frequent clone target, Flappy Bird will be returning to the App Store in some form. Just don't expect it any time soon.

Flappy Bird is the inauspicious one-tap iOS game that enjoyed a supernova-sized explosion of popularity at the start of the year. Amid a storm of media attention, criticism, and accusations of ruining everyone's lives, though, Nguyen took the game off the App Store.

Now, however, it's on its way back, he's said. In a series of Twittery tweets, the da Vinci of dodging pipes said that "it will not be the original game but a better one", the launch will be "not soon", and that he "will release it when it is done".

If you can't wait until then, Rolling Stone says he'll release a new game - either a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack or an action chess game called Checkonaut - at some point in March.