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148Apps presents... The Ballad of Flappy Bird

Don't EVER stop believin'

148Apps presents... The Ballad of Flappy Bird
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In the midst of tragedy and heartbreak, we often find solace in melody and song.

Just ask Elton John.

Over at the offices of our transatlantic cousins 148Apps, there resides the US's own version of everyone's favourite Rocket Man.

Lonely world

Rob Rich is his name, folks. And reinventing pop songs with quirky mobile game-related lyrics is his aim.

To that end, Rob has composed an ode to the recently deceased hit iOS and Android game Flappy Bird.

So, to the tune of Journey's immortal earworm 'Don't Stop Believin'...

"Just a yellow bird
Flappin' in a lonely world;
He took a green warp pipe
Onto the App Store."

Those are just the opening bars of Rob's soon-to-be smash hit single. If you want to learn the rest, click on The Ballad of Flappy Bird.

(There aren't any hidden IAPs, by the way. Just click and read. Honest.)