You'll hack the world to deliver pizzas in upcoming iOS glitch 'em up Fjords

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You'll hack the world to deliver pizzas in upcoming iOS glitch 'em up Fjords
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Describing Fjords is no easy feat. But here we go: It's a 2D, retro-style platformer about delivering pizzas to world-destroying scientists.

You'll deliver these meals in a weird, abstract world, and you'll navigate this strange space with a handy vertical hookshot.

But that's not the only tool at your disposal. After taking a boat ride across a lake, you hop off and discover a lone terminal in the middle of nowhere.

By accessing this terminal, you discover that you can hack into the game's code and change the rules. You're able to remove hazards, create portals, and change how certain movements work.

All of this hacking is necessary to explore the rest of the broken up world of Fjords.

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Hacking comes with its own risks, and experimentation often leads to mistakes, but once you get to grips with manipulating the game's systems, you be able to do almost anything.

Fjords is a unique game. It was released on PC last year, and is currently being developed for iOS. Developer Kyle Reimergarten tells us that he's aiming for a mid-2014 launch.

If nothing else, this will certainly provide a very different experience to anything currently on the App Store.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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