Fire Emblem Heroes launches its latest banner with the winners of the Choose Your Legends Round 7 polling event

Fire Emblem Heroes launches its latest banner with the winners of the Choose Your Legends Round 7 polling event

Popular tactical gacha RPG Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed the results of the Choose Your Legends Heroes, which brings a batch of new player-chosen units right to the game. This time around, Soren and Robin won the Male picks, while Gullveig and Corrin won the female picks, so in total we’re getting four brand-new units that were all decided on by the fanbase itself.

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Fire Emblem Heroes has remained one of the bigger mainstays in the gacha sphere. While it may be overshadowed by giants like Genshin Impact or Fate GO, it has maintained a dedicated fanbase due mostly to it being the quintessential Fire Emblem mobile game. Featuring characters from nearly every Fire Emblem game released across all the years the franchise has been running, fans of the series flock to Fire Emblem Heroes to utilize their favourite characters in grid-based tactical combat.

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And now, those fans will be able to use four brand-new units in said combat. Each of these units was chosen from a poll, which was filled out by the player base of Fire Emblem Heroes, and they all seem to be exactly the designs everybody wanted for these fan-favourite characters.

For Gullveig, we have Seer Beyond Time, which focuses on being a very mobile and tanky unit that can also slow enemy opponents. Then, we have Corrin’s Silent Bloodline version, which can buff up her allies’ defense by a significant amount as a strong support unit.

On the male side of things, we have Robin’s Exalt’s Deliverer version, who is a very tanky damage dealer thanks to his powerful Deliverer’s Brand weapon. Finally, we have Soren’s Radiant Confidant version, which is capable of completely nullifying enemy abilities and tank damage directed at his allies from all over the map.

Don’t miss your chance to grab these units! Download Fire Emblem Heroes for free at either of the links below and get to rolling on this brand-new gacha banner!

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