Everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Heroes' $9.49-a-month Feh subscription pass

A high price to pay

Everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Heroes' $9.49-a-month Feh subscription pass
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Fire Emblem Heroes will soon be getting a $9.49-a-month subscription pass for select in-game benefits. It'll be available after the launch of the game's 4.2 update on Wednesday.

As you might expect, the fan response to this announcement doesn't appear to be particularly positive. At the time of writing, the Feh Channel update where the pass was announced sits on 5.5k likes to 11k dislikes.

After the pushback against Mario Kart Tour's Gold Pass, I'm a little surprised that Nintendo has opted to double down on the subscription approach. From what I can tell, the high price mixed with negative feelings about game-specific subscription passes has soured this one for some fans.

The video goes through five benefits subscribers will enjoy. The first, 'Resplendent Heroes', are heroes dressed in the resplendent attire of the game's various regions. It's important to note that you can freely switch between each hero's resplendent and normal attire whenever you fancy.

Resplendent heroes feature new looks and voices as well as a +2 boost to all stats. This bonus carries over when you switch back to normal attire. You'll receive two resplendent heroes every month. The first of these will be Resplendent Lyn: Lady of the Plains (available February 5th to February 24th) and Resplendent Cordelia: Knight Paragon (available February 24th to March 9th). Following their release, a new resplendent hero will be distributed on the 10th and 25th of every month. This schedule will begin in March. There are plans to allow subscribers to purchase individual resplendent heroes after their distribution date. Also, stay with us and compare how good the new heroes are in our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier list!

The other four benefits are called 'Feh Pass Perks'. The first perk is known as 'Special Feh Pass Quests', which will reward you with helpful items including orbs and heroic grails. They'll be made available twice every month, alongside the resplendent heroes. The second perk is 'Expanded Summoner Support', which lets you form summoner support bonds between three heroes instead of only one.

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The third perk, 'React', lets you return to the start of your previous turn if your heroes have yet to act at the start of your current turn. However, if a hero has already acted on your current turn, you'll return to the start of that turn instead. You'll be able to use this as many times as you like in a battle, though it cannot be used in the Coliseum or Aether Raids, which is probably for the best.

The final perk is called 'Auto-Start'. As long as you have stamina remaining, you'll be able to play the same map multiple times in a row – automatically. The game will automatically switch to your backup team when in Tempest Trials+.

Reckon that's enough to earn your $9.49 every month? If you're yet to give it a go, you'll find Fire Emblem Heroes available as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. More info can be found on the game's site

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