The Doodler jumps onto Finger Physics update

Cross pollination

The Doodler jumps onto Finger Physics update
| Finger Physics

In the nicest sense of the word, Doodle Jump's The Doodler is the most promiscuous character on the App Store.

Ever since his mashup with Pocket God, he's been turning up in loads of other games; no doubt because their developers hope that some of his three million sales will rub off onto them.

Saying that however Finger Physics hasn't been doing too badly itself with almost three million free and paid versions of the game downloaded.

And that's where The Doodler is now appearing.

The new Finger Physics update includes nine thus enhanced levels that will challenge your fingers.

"Doodle the Doodler has made an appearance in some of the best games on the App Store – needless to say, he chooses his vacations very carefully," said Igor Pusenjak, founder of Lima Sky and co-creator of Doodle Jump.

"Finger Physics is a great example of the type of addictive gaming experience made possible by the iPhone, and with PressOK's constant support for the title, it makes for a great Doodle Jump crossover."

Finger Physics - now with added Doodler - is available for 99c, €0.79, 59p. There is also a free but also Doodler-free version of the game.