Finger Physics taps out 1.9 million free and paid downloads

Updates submitted too

Finger Physics taps out 1.9 million free and paid downloads
| Finger Physics

Hitting the magical 1 million is the usual trigger point for PR teams to start cranking out press releases about game sales and the like.

In the case of PressOK Entertainment, however, it's waited until downloads of its iPhone puzzle game Finger Physics have almost reached the 2 million mark since its October release.

Downloaded over 1.9 million times, it's been #4 in the US paid charts and #1 in the free charts.

Of course, in these situations the really interesting question of how many downloads were of the free version and how many of the 99c version is left unanswered.

Typically, I assume a free-to-paid split of between 80:20 to 90:10.

For example, Backflip Studios's Paper Toss has apparently done 8.5 million free downloads and one million paid at 99c: a 90:10 split.

Still, 200,000+ paid sales in a couple of months isn't bad going, and PressOK is continuing to prime the pump and has submitted updates for both the free and full versions of the game. The full version will get 27 additional levels and the free version nine.

Finger Physics is out now priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.