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Final Gear adds "Swimsuit Pilots” skins and SSR rate-ups in Summer Memories event

Final Gear adds "Swimsuit Pilots” skins and SSR rate-ups in Summer Memories event
| Final Gear

Final Gear, KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED's tactical mobile RPG with mechas and maidens, is adding sizzling content with its Summer Memories limited-time event. This brings a cool Capsule Machine feature plus exclusive summertime mechs for players to enjoy this event.

Players can expect to obtain more SSR pilots in Final Gear's rate-up special recruitment, which includes SSR maidens Taysia, Eloise, and Evelynn (Pathogen). The Summer Memories event also highlights “Swimsuit Pilots” skins and a New Arcade - Capsule Machine feature.

Here, you can unlock four machines as you progress through the chapters of the limited-time event. Clearing missions and fulfilling requirements will help you unlock Survey and Challenge Stages where you can score Match Points and Festival Bracelets - these can help you unlock more artwork and backgrounds that are in sync with the summer theme.

Meanwhile, the Summer Festival Tokens acquired from the boss challenge stages let you draw from Capsule Machines - you might even nab a special summer mecha. In particular, Capsule Machine 1 contains Veronica's swimsuit Sizzling Informant from Oct 6th to Nov 18th, while Capsule Machine 2 contains Kristina's swimsuit A Cool Summer from Oct 13th to Nov 18th. Finally, Capsule Machine 3 contains Mary's swimsuit Summer Revelry from Oct 28th to Nov 18th, while Capsule Machine 4 contains Shmily's swimsuit Fun in the Sun from Nov 4th to Nov 18th.

Can't wait to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea? Final Gear is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.