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Final Gear: New Strategy RPG that Will Delight EU and US Players with its Soon Release

Final Gear: New Strategy RPG that Will Delight EU and US Players with its Soon Release
| Final Gear

When I first started playing Final Gear, expectations were already set. It’s a mech-styled RPG with a gacha system, and there will be various stages to play through. However, I was not prepared for what followed.

The game has not only mechs, but customizable mechs. It doesn’t just have one simple team for battle, but you can play with up to 3 teams. And finally, it doesn’t have a typical gacha system. Instead, for all novice players, your first gacha is to choose from a list of top characters, and it even allows you to summon over and over again, until you get the one character you want - for free!

Nothing was as surprising as that, since gacha RPGs don’t typically shower you with freebies and especially more so, viable free characters. But before checking out the actual gameplay aspect, let’s take a look at what the backstory is.

A compelling story, further enhanced by small details in the gameplay

The action takes place in a future world far, far away, where a devastating meteor blow has changed everything inside it, the once prosperous land was deemed a wasteland. Rising from the debris, survivors tried to recreate the world they once knew. However, because of the scarce resources, progress turned into a rivalry between three major countries.

Final Gear actually has such a deep and immersive narrative (that is also cleverly portrayed in the game’s levels through meteorite shards scattered all throughout the battlefield) that you’ll find yourself reading each and every dialogue line, in pursuit of discovering more and more. What is even more astonishing, is how closely the story and the gameplay combined.

The gameplay

At the start, things will seem rather straightforward. You will pilot your mech—a side-scrolling shooter—around, and aim at enemies - simple enough, right? As the story progresses though, there’ll be a path you need to take. The levels are basically all pinpointed in a map, and all you need to do is to follow the signs. The teams you formed will also play a strategic role in each battle: for instance, you will have to decide which team you want to fight the boss with, while the other team is holding the entry point open.

That’s not your typical gacha RPG approach - instead, I see a refined strategic game with role-playing elements that make it that much more enjoyable. Players can collect over 100 pilots and thousands of mech parts to assemble into a next-level mech, with its own set of skills, able to wreak havoc.

Of course, you also have the common elements that come along with the genre, From limited characters’ skins to limited events and a massive amount of missions available, there’s so much content to play through that it’s impossible to get enough Final Gear for one day.

It’s also worth noting that some levels are so strategy-focused that you’ll fail multiple times - especially if you don’t pay close attention to the requests. Final Gear is not a game that can be played idly, even though the battles have an “Auto” option. It needs real-time output, and real-time actions because some missions are simply that challenging.

What about the graphics and controls?

In the graphics department, everything is in place - shiny mechs, charming and adorable maiden pilots, and the contrast created between the two is absolutely fantastic. With a stye reminiscent of Azur Lane, the battles in particular are a visual feast. If tons of metal, constant shooting action, strategic movement, and placement are must-haves for a game in your book, Final Gear is the definition of that.

Happily announcing not another pay-to-win game!

As many fans of the RPG genre with gacha elements may well know, there is a major pay-to-win factor in place. Would that be the case with Final Gear? Surprisingly, no - the game offers a lot of free gifts every day, and if the player is active every day, that’s one sure way to ensure constant progress without spending a dime.

In conclusion

With so many characters, a fascinating storyline and so many distinctive mech-related elements, Final Gear is an absolute delight. The shooting style is something that appeals to many players, and the number of gifts, events, and community guides available make it a game that could fit into everyone’s pocket device. The game will soon be released in the US and Europe, so if that sounds good to you, make sure to pre-register.