Final Fantasy I and II out for iPhone this Thursday

First two instalments of classic RPG series ready to play

Final Fantasy I and II out for iPhone this Thursday
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Remakes of classic 8-bit role-playing game Final Fantasy and its sequel Final Fantasy II will be available for iPhone and iPod touch February 25.

Thursday has been marked for the release of the remastered games to the App Store, which are based on versions created for PSP some months ago.

Enhanced graphics and new content top the list of improvements, though the iPhone and iPod touch versions offer new controls by way of the touchscreen.

This will mark the debut of Square Enix's iconic Final Fantasy franchise on iPhone and iPod touch. Tower defence game Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm was inspired by the role-playing series, but is not considered an official instalment.

No price point has been set for either game, but you can expect both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II to be available for separate purchase for iPhone and iPod touch this Thursday.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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