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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis guide to aid new players

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis guide to aid new players

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This beginner's guide will help you get off to a great start in the exciting universe of FFVII: Ever Crisis. I've been playing the game since the closed beta, so I thought to share some knowledge to help out new players. From learning the basics to some more advanced tips, this guide will provide the information you need to get the most out of your FFVII: Ever Crisis experience.

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Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis - What does this guide cover?

The purpose of this guide is to give new players a general idea about how the game works. In the next pages, I'm going to cover some basics like how the combat system works, which are the best characters to use, as well as some general tips that newcomers need to know.

Without getting into too much detail, this guide will shed some light for players who are completely new to games like FFVII: Ever Crisis and for experienced players alike. As is the case with many other games out there, there's no shortage of "new" things to learn when getting into something new. But here we'll dive into the basics and talk about some of the more important (general) things.

With all that out of the way, let's get into our Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis beginners guide.

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#TIP 1 - Understanding the combat system

Before we get into anything else, it's essential to understand how the combat system works. Ever Crisis blends real-time and turn-based mechanics in a combat system known as "active time battle" (ATB), where you can select actions during your turn.

Each character has a gauge meter that fills over time, the speed of which depends on the character's abilities. Once their meter is full, they can perform an action of your selection.

There are 9 playable characters in total that you unlock as you progress through the story mode, and you can select 3 of them to form a party.

If you have any previous RPG experience, you know that every character has a designated role within a party. There is a support that focuses on healing or buffing their allies, damage carry (DPS), tank, and so on. And that's exactly how Ever Crisis works as well.

#TIP 2 - Best Characters to Use

One of the most common questions new players have is "Which are the best characters to use?". Even though there are many viable options, the meta back during the closed beta testing (CBT) used to be these 3 characters:

  • Cloud (Lightning Damage)
  • Aerith (Earth Damage)
  • Glenn (Earth Damage)

The reason why these are the prominent characters in the meta is because they can easily counter the bosses who are vulnerable to Lightning and Earth damage. Keep in mind that the elemental bonus advantage plays a big role in the game.

OK - so now you have your three main characters, but the question is, "What equipment should you use on them?" Let's talk about that next.

#TIP 3 - How to Build Your Characters

Cloud's Equipment

Even though there are many ways to build Cloud, you mainly want him to be a damage carry with access to Lightning damage. Probably the best weapon combination that you should aim for is the following:

  • Main Weapon: Murasame
  • Secondary Weapon: Apocalypse

During the early stages of the game, the free Buster sword is good enough to get the job done. You should upgrade it until you get a better one.

As for the materia, you should prioritize attacking stats such as MATK and PATK. It's not easy to get the right ones and the process can be tedious, but it's definitely worth it.

Last but not least, Stamp costume is the go-to if you are looking to enhance Murasame and Lightning damage.

Aerith's Equipment

Aerith is a character useful in pretty much any scenario. The reason is her AoE limit break skill which gives her the ability to heal her allies. On top of that, she has one of the best Earth and Lightning area damage in the game.

More often than not, you'll see players using a hybrid build on her - something between a healer and a magic damage carry.

When it comes to her weapons, there are many good choices. The Sun Umbrella is a staple when it comes to Aerith being a damage threat as it gives her access to a strong debuff that lowers enemies' DEF. You can combine it with pretty much any Staff to get a very nice wave clear.

If you want to go the dedicated healer route, Fairy Tale is hands down your best option. That weapon paired with either Mythril Rod or Guard Stick is the way to go.

Glenn's Equipment

Glenn should be used as your secondary DPS in this party. He has a very high physical attack and access to strong Lightning area damage with Jiggy Fam which is the ideal primary weapon for him.

As his secondary weapon, you have few options. Rest in Peace has crazy high physical attack stats. Piece of Cake reduces the target's PDEF, an ability that is always useful especially if your team has no other debuffer.

#TIP 4 - Set Up Your Wish List

As it happens in every F2P game, there's a gacha system in FFVII Ever Crisis as well. As I've mentioned previously, the playable characters are free so you don't have to worry about that, but in order to get weapons, you need to draw from various banners.

I couldn't possibly explain which are the best weapons in this guide, but If you want to know more, check out our FFVII Ever Crisis tier list.

There you can find which are the best weapons for each character, as well as how good or bad every weapon in the game is.

Before you start spending your Blue Crystals, it's important to set up your Wish List. Whenever you draw 10 from a banner, you earn "stamps". These stamps will give you the chance to claim rewards from a "Stamp Sheet". Stamp draws have a wish list. Weapons in the wish list have better odds of being obtained, so make sure you select the best possible weapons for your characters.

#TIP 5 - How to Progress

So far we've talked about which are the best characters to use as a new player, and also their optimal builds. Now the next thing we need to address is how you actually progress in this game. What is the most important thing you should do?

Advancing through the story mode should be your main priority. By completing stages in the story mode, you get access to new features and you also unlock all the playable characters.

Eventually, you are going to hit a wall - it is inevitable. Once that happens, it's time to start upgrading your characters and raising your Power Level by completing enhancement quests in solo content, especially training quests. Even if the EXP doesn't seem like a lot, it helps in the long run.

Dungeons are very important as they give you access to gacha tickets and materials. Try to complete them with the highest possible grade (S+). The higher your grade, the better the rewards will be.

Make sure to use your yellow coins (Gil) to claim every available item in the shop. It might not seem like a lot, but especially if you are a F2P player, every resource you can get your hands on is very important.

Synthesize whenever you can. As I've said before, getting the right materia for your characters can be a pain. It's important to get as many as you can. Keep in mind that there are various qualities of materia.

Another way to get free resources is by clearing tower stages. What you have to do is to ascend it by clearing stages and claiming the rewards.

That concludes our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis guide! We will post more advanced guides in the future, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our list of the best Final Fantasy games on mobile!

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