Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is collaborating with the classic RPG Xenogears for a limited-time event

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is collaborating with the classic RPG Xenogears for a limited-time event

Square Enix’s popular title Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has collaborated with the iconic RPG Xenogears for a limited-time event. Players can expect to see numerous themed events, new units and items, rewards like login bonuses, and more. The special event will run until February 23rd.

Xenogears Units

Players can get their hands on the fearsome villains from Xenogears – Id and Grahf, in the form of Neo Vision units. The hero of the show Fei can also be awakened to Neo Vision now. By completing events, everyone can earn themed Summon Coins and NV Exchange Tickets that will guarantee them a 5-star/NV unit for every 11th summon. The first two steps will award 50x VIP Coins and the fourth 11 summon will be free.

World of Visions Event: Celestial Machinery

This new collaboration event will see players explore dark dungeons filled with mighty monsters. Rewards for completing these challenging quests includes event currency that can be traded for special items, Event Points, and exclusive Xenogears-themed limited items. Put your best foot forward and top the leaderboards for a chance to win stupendous rewards like Dark Matter, NV EX Tickets (5-star/NV), 5-star Select Summon Tickets, Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets or a shower of lapis. Also, completing the new mission challenges will reward the participant with additional event-exclusive rewards – Gallant Belt or Manly Mantle and 1 rare Mystery Crystal.

Login Rewards

Those who are able to maintain a daily login streak will be handsomely rewarded with Fei (7-star) unit, two Xenogears 5-star/NV Guaranteed Ticket, a Transcension Pearl and more. Additionally, new players will also receive a Guaranteed NV Summon Ticket II, summon tickets including an NV EX Ticket (5-star/NV), two Guaranteed Ticket (5-star/NV), and 5,000 lapis for a head start.

Free Summons

Everyone will get a guaranteed Xenogears summon for free every day until February 23rd. Furthermore, players will also receive a 10+1 summon weekly until April 27th.

Welcome Xenogears once again to the world of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius by downloading it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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