Fimbul is a Norse comic book adventure headed to Switch

Ragnarok is coming

Fimbul is a Norse comic book adventure headed to Switch
| Fimbul

Fimbul is a new indie game from Danish studio Zaxis headed to Nintendo Switch, and it’s bringing a new spin to Norse mythology, combining Norse legend with comic-book style adventure.

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Set a year before Ragnarok, the apocalypse in Norse myths, Fimbul casts you as an aging berserker known as Kveldulver. You must travel throughout Midgard on a quest to retrieve an artifact that could very well save the world. Along the way you’ll battle Trolls and Jotuns with a combat system that urges you to get creative. You’ll choose the appropriate weapons and abilities, adapting your strategy to the variety of monsters and other enemies you’ll encounter as well as the terrain you’re exploring.

While Fimbul is promising a good deal of action, the game’s non-linear story should appeal to folks who appreciate nuanced narratives that force you to make difficult decisions. The story is based on the Saxo Grammaticus, or the Danish Book of Kings.

Expect to find Fimbul out on the Nintendo eShop sometime later this year.