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Figure Fantasy review - "Fantasies fulfilled and more"

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Figure Fantasy review - "Fantasies fulfilled and more"

Wish fulfilment at its finest, Figure Fantasy is the answer to anyone who's ever wanted to play with figurines and marvel at their collection on a customised shelf. I myself am already guilty of this IRL, but as I'm sure any collector would agree with, the budget (and shelf space) is limited. While we all wish we had unlimited resources to complete our collections, it's just not feasible in real life, especially when you're adulting, is it?

Thankfully, Figure Fantasy knows your deepest hurts and pains and wants to help you with your "fantasy" - and no, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

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Interestingly enough, Figure Fantasy does have an intriguing narrative that justifies why your toys are coming to life all of a sudden out of nowhere. It's not simply a Toy Story-esque affair here - the characters in the game actually have a deeper motivation apart from just provoking the big fat cat (we love you, Ginger).

You'll play as the Master of these figurines in your room, and while it can feel a little odd to be talking to them (don't we all do that in real life, sometimes?) and interacting with them, the narrative does a good job at achieving suspension of disbelief. I also really appreciate how you can skip a cut scene and still go back to them in your Gallery, just in case you missed something or you want to leisurely watch the story unfold when you've got some spare time.

Figure displayed


The visuals of Figure Fantasy are what differentiates this title from all other mobile gacha games out there. Each figure is so beautifully rendered with realistic lighting and textures that I really do feel like I'm playing with real figurines each time I log into the game. Characters are uniquely designed as well, from their masterfully crafted positions to the gorgeous base plates that the higher-star ranking characters have.

To be honest, I often spend a good chunk of each gameplay session just rearranging stuff in my in-game shelves in the Otaku Zone, decorating my room with fancy ornaments and finding the best spot for my favourite figurines. They're simply too pretty to ignore, and if I could, I'd love to put them all up for display (you can only do so a limited number of times, but your shelf's capacity does increase as you level up).

figure shelf

As for during combat, the graphics also do a marvelous job at bringing these figurines to life, as each battle animation or special move executed looks absolutely gorgeous. The character art itself, even in 2D mode, looks stunning as it is - add that to the variety of characters you can pull from the gacha pool and you really will want to collect them all.


Typical of the genre, you'll have your regular dungeons for material collection, your PvP modes, your endless tower, and your roguelite-esque mode. Battles are your standard idle game affair, where you can choose to toggle the Auto button on or off. You'll also receive idle rewards to help level up your characters, as well as a way to match the level of all your characters with your top five figurines.

Skills you develop are reimagined in such a way that makes you feel like you're really collecting toys from different brands, and the gacha system reinforces that same aesthetic. You'll have blind boxes delivered to you when you pull from the summons pool. You can even sign up for a kind of collector's membership VIP card (for premium members, of course).

You can also hold up your figurines, turn them around, play with them and paint them. All these things make what's familiar and well-loved in gacha titles more interesting, since the game adds a fresh twist to tired old elements.

Figure Fantasy skills


It's difficult to find something to complain about here - I'm thoroughly enjoying Figure Fantasy's beautiful roster of husbandos and waifus. I just think it's absolutely genius to paint everything you'd normally find in an idle gacha game in a whole new light by making everything figurine-themed. Even the skills that you upgrade are based on the toys' descriptions and manufacturing histories. For instance, the elemental attributes you'd normally find in RPGs have been renamed as "Brands", with affinities and synergies based on classes.

The fact that you can take a photo of your lovely figurine collection in AR mode also blurs the lines between what's real and what's not a little bit, and it's really almost like you own these digital figurines in real life (my photography skills need a lot of work, but you get the idea).

AR in Figure Fantasy

Overall, Figure Fantasy takes your typical gacha game and puts a unique spin into it, and it's very, very consistent. Even backdrops and sets are all done in miniature mode. It doesn't feel pay-to-win at all, as in-game currencies are pretty generous. You can definitely pull top-tier characters as a F2P player, in my experience, and it doesn't feel grindy either. If anything, it's a great way to quench your thirst for collecting figurines, because who says digital and physical ownership have to be mutually exclusive?

If you like the game as much as we did, use some of our Figure Fantasy codes and get a good headstart, but you should also take a look at the tier list and a detailed reroll guide.

Figure Fantasy review - "Fantasies fulfilled and more"

Figure Fantasy is a refreshing take on idle gacha RPGs that makes it a must-try for fans of the genre (or fans of figure collections, for that matter). Its beautifully rendered in-game figurines will likely satisfy any figurine aficionado - or aggravate that unquenchable thirst to collect them all.
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