Fieldrunners getting an upgrade for the PSPgo, iPhone to follow

New levels, new towers, new graphics, new audio...

Fieldrunners getting an upgrade for the PSPgo, iPhone to follow

Fieldrunners has been more than a little successful on the iPhone, and with the game’s transition to the PSPgo, developer Subatomic is leaving nothing to chance.

When we met with Subatomic head honcho Ash Monif at the Cologne GamesCom today, he was quick to point out how the game differs from the iPhone version. “As you can see, we’ve updated the graphics and audio for the PSPgo Minis version."

Yep, that’s right: the PSPgo is set to get an advanced version of the iPhone classic, Fieldrunners, complete with new graphics, new audio, two new levels and two new types of tower. As it turns out, the new levels and towers will be making their way to the iPhone version, too, but the PSPgo is first in line for the new content.

But how does it play? Well, unsurprisingly, very well. Nothing has been lost in the transition from touchscreen to the PSPgo’s button-led interface. The placement of towers via the D-pad might take a tiny bit longer, but the game doesn’t suffer for it.

The use of the analogue nub for zooming in and out might just be more user friendly than the iPhone touchscreen’s pinch and pull gesture, though we’ll need to play it for longer to really know for sure.

Playing on a PSP Brite, the game looked pristine, with fluid animations and some lovely particle affects when the Fieldrunners cop it. When quizzed about the pricing, Monif wasn’t ready to divulge anything other than, “it will be competitively priced - I think you’ll be surprised”. Interesting.

Monif was keen to point out how easy it has been to work with Sony, however, so assuming Fieldrunners goes well, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Fieldrunners is set to be one of the PSPgo’s new Minis collection’s launch titles, which means we can expect to be playing it in October. Look out for our review as soon as it’s released.