New maps, towers, multiplayer coming to iPhone and iPad Fieldrunners

Monster update submitted to Apple

New maps, towers, multiplayer coming to iPhone and iPad Fieldrunners
| Fieldrunners (iPhone)

Subatomic Studios has submitted an enormous new update for iPhone and iPad tower defence hit Fieldrunners, containing a bucket of fresh features.

First up, there’s multiplayer, specifically for the iPad edition. The update has both versus and co-operative play, but we’ll have to wait and see how Subatomic tackles a competitive mode in a tower defence game: are you playing for points, or directly attacking each other? There are two new maps for these modes.

There are also three new single-player maps, available for both iPhone and iPad players, with unique towers and enemies specific to each new battlefield.

Those towers are the Plasma Tower, which work in groups for devastating combo attacks; the Shotgun Tower, which pumps out a volley of drill bits; and the Lava Tower, which incinerates all nearby enemies in a tidal wave of flames.

But while Subatomic Studios has already submitted the update to Apple, time is running out. The App Store approvals will be frozen over Christmas, and won’t be back until December 28th. Fingers crossed this update makes it out before doors close on the 23rd.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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