Sponsored feature: Why Subatomic chose OpenFeint for Fieldrunners 1.3 Gold Edition

Compelling features and commitment to social experience

Sponsored feature: Why Subatomic chose OpenFeint for Fieldrunners 1.3 Gold Edition
| Fieldrunners (iPhone)

The choice of social networking technology is a decision many iPhone developers are grappling with.

Continuing our series of sponsored OpenFeint features, Ash Monif of Subatomic Studios explains why it chose OpenFeint for the 1.3 Gold Edition update of Fieldrunners.

PocketGamer: Why are social networking features so important for iPhone games?

Ash Monif: The first generation of iPhone games were single player experiences. As social networking and wireless bandwidth evolve, so does our ability to connect and interact with each other. This allows us to begin creating multiplayer experiences that were previously exclusive to high-end computers and game consoles.

Why have you chosen OpenFeint for the Fieldrunners update?

We chose OpenFeint as our partners for the version 1.3 Gold Edition update due to the open source nature of the social platform, the compelling array of features OpenFeint offers, and its commitment to deliver an evolving social experience to players.

Fieldrunners 1.3 Gold Edition has over 90 pervasive achievements for players to unlock, global online high scores, and challenges such as Marathon and Time Trial that players can send to their friends to find out who is the ultimate tower defence master.

Why do you think in-app purchases are important?

Subatomic Studios is proud to announce we will be continuing our commitment to our fans by offering free content updates as well as premium downloadable content.

Offering premium DLC enables Subatomic Studios to continue to develop fun and exciting new content. Our goal is to offer both free and premium content to keep players happy and entertained for a long time to come. Stay tuned as we plan to offer new free content in the near future.

What was the integration process like?

OpenFeint is a great partner and offered us top-notch technical support in integrating OpenFeint 2.4. By working with OpenFeint, we were able to craft a custom fit experience for our achievements and challenges.

Do you expect to include OpenFeint in your future iPhone games?

We can't promise anything right now, but we can tell you that are hard at work on exciting new projects and where possible will look to partner with OpenFeint to offer players a rich and growing online experience!

Thanks to Ash for his time.

You can keep up-to-date with Subatomic Studios via the Fieldrunners' website.

You can find more information about OpenFeint via web, Twitter and Facebook.

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