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Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories - Don't fall into the trap

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Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories - Don't fall into the trap

If Fetty Wap is known for one thing, it's definitely not for engaging in illegal street races. And based on Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories, it is an area he should probably avoid.

It's repetitive, derivative, and so lacking in the bombast that typically surrounds rappers that it's a wonder Mr Wap lent his name and likeness to the game.

Round the bend

You play as Justin Carr, a friend of Wap's who survives a murder attempt at the start of the game in a plotline that is almost immediately dropped in favour of a more typical "new kid on the block" scenario.

You work your way up in the world by entering two different types of races, drag and slalom, earning money and new parts to keep you in the running.

Drag racing will be familiar to anyone who played CSR Racing, because it's exactly the same. It's a rhythm game where you need to time your start and gear shifts perfectly in order to win.

Slalom races put a twist on the formula by making you switch lanes, auto-runner style, as you drive. It's actually quite a neat touch and does add a bit of challenge to the game.

But that challenge mostly comes from having to switch your focus between steering and changing gears - losing focus on one for too long generally leads to failure, which is more irritating than challenging.

That said, slalom tracks only change when you unlock a new city, which takes around twenty races to do, so if you don't mind the mind-numbing repetitiveness, you can at least learn the ins-and-outs of the course.

Tunes and tuning

Success brings money and new parts, and the game is generous enough with both of these that you can usually install new bits straight away to give yourself an edge.

This also makes the game just a little too easy. A few minutes grinding and you'll get to a point where you barely even need to be present in the races to secure a victory.

And it really does only take a few minutes. Races are mercifully short, but this does mean you'll be kicked to the menus at rapid speed, leading to you being forced to listen to the opening line of one of three Fetty Wap songs.

Not that there's anything wrong with his music, of course, but listening to just the intros of the same three songs over and over gets irritating no matter the artist.

Hit the brakes

Overall then, Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories is not very enjoyable. It's chock full of clichés, uninspiring gameplay, and annoying design choices that will turn off even the most hardcore Wap fans.

You could get the same experience playing any other drag racer out there while listening to his album, and at least then you'd get to hear a full song.

Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories - Don't fall into the trap

An uninspiring, repetitive drag racer that wastes a license for a few songs instead of a solid experience
Ric Cowley
Ric Cowley
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