Top 10 games for your Kindle Fire

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Top 10 games for your Kindle Fire

If you're one of the lucky Americans that has been able to grab a Kindle Fire, your next challenge is filling it up with good games.

With 8GB of storage space just screaming out to be filled, the Kindle Fire has plenty of room for some high-quality games.

And on that subject, here is our list of the top ten Kindle Fire games. Go forth and purchase.

If you don't agree with our selection, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Nicely, please.

Sparkle HD

You know what Android tablets don't have, right? Zuma or Luxor - two of the most addictive match-three games known to man.

Sparkle HD is a similar slice of super-casual gaming, with solid graphics, light adventure elements, and decent controls. In short, you have to blast a fast-moving collection of balls with matching items before they reach your base. Simple, mindless fun.

Download Sparkle HD


Battleheart has already made a big impression on iPhone and Android, with the former version scooping a Unity Award and the latter edition earning a Silver Award from us over the summer.

For one reason and another, though, this action-RPG feels right at home on the Kindle Fire. The colorful visuals and animations, arcade-style combat, and slide controls are perfectly suited to the Fire screen. It's definitely worth a download if you missed it the first time around.

Download Battleheart

Jet Car Stunts

Originally released on the iPhone a few years back, the Silver Award-winning Jet Car Stunts is enjoying a nice resurrection on the Kindle Fire - it almost feels like this is the platform it was meant for all along.

Imagine an airborne Hot Wheels track with tight curves, jet boosts, and death-defying ramps. There is a ton of content here, too, which belies its current cheap price on the Amazon Appstore.

Download Jet Car Stunts

Dead Space (Kindle Fire Edition)

Dead Space did fine on the iPad, but the console-style controls felt a little meaty on the big slate. Not so on the Kindle Fire.

Amazon's 7-inch tablet feels custom-made for this first-person galactic thriller, and the Fire's power gives the already-visually-stunning game added atmosphere.

Shadow Guardian HD

Shadow Guardian HD may be heavily, ahem, inspired by the PlayStation 3's Uncharted series, but it's still a fun experience.

The tight, focused widescreen of the Fire makes for gorgeous graphics, and it is one of the few good story-driven action-adventures on the Fire - a genre that's conspicuous by its absence on Android in general.

Download Shadow Guardian HD

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Real-time strategy games seem tailor-made for the touchscreen, and this pick-up-and-play game on the Kindle Fire shows off Amazon's device superbly.

The graphics are fast and crisp, as are the controls, and the widescreen setup works well with the gameplay. Sentinel 3: Homeworld has already made a splash on other Android devices and garnered a Gold Award on the iPhone from us, but it feels at home on this platform.

Download Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Eve of the Genesis HD

If old skool RPGs are your thing, Eve of the Genesis HD is a solid bet. It falls into the usual save-the-universe-from-imminent-doom camp, harking back to Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and other NES / SNES classics.

The graphics are good, the narrative is long, and the action is fast compared to other old skool-inspired adventures.

Download Eve of the Genesis HD

Plants vs. Zombies

Alongside Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies might well hold the record for most number of appearances on different platforms. It's worth checking out on the Kindle Fire for one major reason, mind: the screen.

Slapping down lawn zombies and evil monsters works well on the Fire's über-widescreen, and the cartoon gore looks great on the device's high-resolution display.

Download Plants vs. Zombies

Paper Toss

There are a slew of free games on the Android Market, but many of them are awful. Not so Paper Toss, the free iOS hit that found a new life on Android.

The premise is stupidly simple: flick your finger to throw a rolled-up ball of paper into an office wastebasket. The variety of levels, speedy play, and intuitive setup work great on the Fire.

Download Paper Toss

Bird's the Word

One of the Kindle Fire's primary selling points is its effectiveness as an e-book reader, so having a good word game on your device is a must.

Bird's the Word takes the basic premise of Boggle - find words within mixed-up letters - and adds snazzy visuals and online multiplayer. It's too laid back for hardcore gamers, but it could definitely be a gateway drug for casual tablet gamers.

Download Bird's the Word

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